Project type: Animation
Client: Ung Til Ung 
Duration: 2 weeks

In collaboration with Ung Til Ung, a Danish non-profit organization with focus on young people’s mental health, we received a task to visualize a personal inner battle we’ve faced in the past - in the form of an animation.

My chosen topic for the animation was loneliness due to the Danish language barrier, which was a struggle I faced during the first months in Denmark as a Finn.


In my character development phase, I chose to use the character Little My from the Finnish Moomin books. In the books, Little My is an extroverted character, who loses her identity after being misunderstood over and over again. I felt a connection to her - being an extroverted Swedish speaking Finn myself, who felt a bit lost in a Danish-speaking crowd.


Sketches for the storyboard.


Styleframes and the animation process. I drew each frame by hand on Procreate, animated the sections in Rough Animator, and lastly added them to Adobe After Effects for the final editing and touch-ups.