Project type: Web Design
School Project

Duration: 2 weeks

At the Danish School of Media and Journalism in February 2020, we received a task to create an explainer out of a randomly drawn subject on Wikipedia, which ended up being the mathematical circumscribed circle.

The concept for the project was to create a personified circumscribed circle to create a different approach to a traditional explainer. With this in mind, we wanted to deliver the message of a circumscribed circle in the form of narrative and storytelling.


During our research, we found the circumscribed circle being widely used in architecture. Therefore, we wanted to highlight various monuments across the Globe, and use them as our main elements in the explainer animation.





Sketching the different styleframes and elements for the animation. The four of us in the group had different sections to animate, of which my parts are 00.15-00.31
& 00.39-00.43.