Vinyl Cover redesign projects. 
Self Initiated Project
London/Copenhagen 2021


For The Main Thing by Real Estate, I wanted to follow the original poster structure, while changing the graphic elements in it. The buildings in the remake are various buildings I've captured on my analog camera, which I gathered into a collage. I also wanted to incorporate the band name Real Estate in an abstract way, hence the pictures of the buildings. 

Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

For this album cover remake for Innerspeaker by Tame Impala, I wanted to fully change the visuals from the original, yet keeping the color palette similar. For the visual elements, my main inspiration were the songs on the album, and I wanted to include and emphasize the psychedelic and abstract elements from the songs into the design, by incorporating melted and distorted impala illustrations on the cover. 


Cover redesign for the sigle 'This painted world' by Silk Rhodes, published in 2015. 
I found this image of my friend painting with her body from my film archives, which was the perfect fit for the lyrics, where you get lost in your own dreams and detach from reality. I wanted the design to remain simple, with focus on a halftone-look. 


Cover redesign for the album Manual (2015) by the Brazilian psych-rock band Boogarins. For this design, I wanted to keep the illustration as it is on the original cover, yet completely changing the overall feel to the design itself. I chose to use the dark undertone on the cover to emphasize the mystical overtures various songs include, leading in an explosive psychedelic climax.